virtual reality & media

Launching archaeological research into a new era

The Laboratory of Landscape Archaeology and Remote Sensing (LAP&T – University of Siena) and the University of Siena spinoff company ATS Ldt. are focused to make use of Virtual Realty in all the steps of the archaeological process from the analysis of the data to the interpretation through the development of multiple hypothetical scenarios, to teaching and training undergraduate and postgraduate students, up to the dissemination to the general public.

Developing vr cutting-edge environments and solutions will allow us to:

  • enable groundbreaking experimental setups
  • manipulate past landscapes in ways normally impossible
  • integrate multidisciplinary data and feedback while automating analysis
  • perform collaborative and interactive research with a high degree of ecological sustainability
  • experiencing and communicate the past and the value of Hatra world heritage site to everyone through the WEB

The media gallery, photo and video, is a tradition communication tool aimed to present some of the peculiar aspects of the site and the fieldwork activities. An original aspect of particular interest is the sharing of 360 videos.