laser scanning

Laser scanning survey has been carried out by a Faro Focus Laser Scanner. This device is able to scan objects from short range up to wide range (to a maximum of 350 m) with High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo overlay.

Data acquisition by laser scanner at Hatra was proceeded in October 2021. Fieldwork was implemented in 11 days (06/10–16/10). Within 11 working days we collected 843 scan stations entirely covereing the area of the temenos of Hatra, including both exterior and interior of any building and the defensive walls.

The planning of the scans has been scheduled in order to minimize the number of occlusions present in the resulting point cloud and guarantee required resolution and comprehensiveness.

Furthermore, the digital camera integrated within the laser scanner allowed the acquisition of the texture, any pixel is associated with the related x, y, z point feature, obtaining a colored point cloud.

The resulting point clouds have been processed by Leica Cyclone software in order to clean the point cloud from useless features and to register all scans in a single-global point cloud.

Laser scanning data capture

Laser scanning data capture from the top of the temple of the triad