3D digitizing

The digitalization of the site at full resolution is one of the main objective of the survey team. Indeed, the digital documentation by laser scanning and photogrammetry (aerial and ground-based) is aimed to archive the state of the art of the context and represents an indispensable, ubiquitous and sharable basis for the implementation of countless research activities, e.g.:

  • implementation of a 3D WEBGIS/BIM
  • archaeological analyses of the temenos and the city across time
  • structural analysis
  • conservation management plan and master management plan
  • virtual reality experience
  • virtual restoration
  • virtual urban landscape reconstruction across time

To date the digital survey of the Hatra temenos has been carried out by leading-edge methodologies and technologies achieving about 100 billions points and more than ten thousands photography.

Geographic positioning of all the measurements has been achieved through the implementation of a topographic network surveyed by differential Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

The integrated survey – laser Scanning and photogrammetry – allowed us to record an extremely accurate 3D model of the temenos including all the monuments.

The 3D model represents the primary source of information to implement the analysis of the state of the art including ISIS damage but also the natural deterioration of the monuments and structural problems.